Title Insurance

Chicago Title Insurance Co.

CONTACT: Roger Singer
PHONE: 909-884-0448
ADDRESS: 560 E. Hospitality Ln., San Bernardino CA 92408
WEBSITE: www.ctic.com
Chicago Title and Trust Co. dates back more than 150 years through the succession of several firms and corporations that were engage in the abstract and title business in Cook County, Illinois. The year was 1847; Chicago was booming. Almost 17,000 persons called it home… and new pioneers were streaming in steadily to grasp the opportunities for independence, which the rich prairie soil promised. An obscure young law clerk, Edward A. Rucker, devised a system of keeping track of every recorded instrument and legal proceeding affecting real estate titles. This saved attorneys the laborious task of searching official records in connection with transfers of real property. It was a valuable service that was welcomed. Rucker hung out his shingle in the Saloon Building… then, later that year, joined with James H. Rees in the Merchants’ Exchange. As the city grew, abstract indices similar to Rees’ and Rucker’s were established by J. Mason Parker in 1852, and Fernando Jones in 1863. This was the foundation of what was to become Chicago Title and Trust Co. (CT&T).

First American Title Co.

CONTACT: Lisa Greeen
PHONE: 951-787-1700
ADDRESS: 3400 Central Avenue Ste. 120, Riverside CA 92506
WEBSITE: www.firstam.com
First American Financial Corporation provides comprehensive title insurance protection and professional settlement services for …

Stewart Title Co.

CONTACT: Greg Perry
PHONE: 951-276-2700
ADDRESS: 7065 Indiana Ave Ste 100, Riverside CA 92506
WEBSITE: www.stewart.com
Stewart is the preferred real estate services provider. We offer personalized … Another reason why Stewart Title is the right title company for you.

Ticor Title Company

CONTACT: Ray Patchett
PHONE: 951-776-7114

WFG National Title

CONTACT: Tony Trikas
PHONE: 949-430-3724
ADDRESS: 18881 Von Karmen Ave. St. 500, Irvine CA 92612
The Williston Financial Group family of businesses (WFG) are dedicated to taking time and cost out of real estate transactions. By focusing on the client and their processes, WFG will help compress the time required to close a loan and/or transfer real property ownership. By empowering industry professionals with integrated technologies, WFG will provide efficient high quality products and services. By enabling client processes, WFG will increase closing rates. By minimizing corporate infrastructure, WFG will avoid operating a costly hierarchical organization.