Professional Standards

TIGAR REALTORS® pledge to uphold the strict National Association Code of Ethics. Complaints and disputes may arise between Agents and their clients. If you believe a TIGAR REALTOR® has violated the Code of Ethics or would like to settle a dispute with an agent, TIGAR can guide you through the entire process. TIGAR is happy to assist you with the information you need to resolve your issue. Please review the service TIGAR offers below.  If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 951-735-5121 or email Linda Conaway at

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TIGAR Governing Documents

2019 Code of Ethics

MLS Rules and Regulations

MLS Compliance FAQs

MLS Rules Citation Policy

Grievance/ Ethical Complaint 

If you believe an agent has acted in an unethical manner and violated the Code of ethics or MLS Rules and Regulations you may file an Ethical complaint.
File a Complaint


If you have a monetary dispute with an agent you may resolve it by filing an arbitration.
File a Complaint


Mediation is a settlement process in which a neutral person, the mediator, helps the participants to negotiate a settlement of their dispute. Mediation is an entirely non-binding process. In other words, the participants are under no obligation to reach a settlement, nor will a settlement be imposed upon the participants by the mediator. Upon successful conclusion of the mediation session, however, the participants may voluntarily enter into a written agreement which is enforceable as a legally binding contract.

Mediation results in full settlement approximately 80% of the time. In cases that do not settle, the participants find that the issues are clarified and the exchange of information has greatly reduced the time needed to prepare for arbitration or court.

Ethics Advocate

If you need help through the filing process you may request an Ethics Advocate. An ethics advocate will give you advice and guidance from a certified Professional Standards individual through the grievance and arbitration process. Please contact TIGAR at 951-735-5121 to request an Ethics Advocate.

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