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Most Frequently Asked Member Questions

As a REALTOR® the information needed to conduct a successful and proficient business can be a bit overwhelming. After studying for countless hours and taking class after class just to get your license, there is still so much you have yet to learn. With all the rules and regulations for sign ordinances, marketing, posting listings on the MLS, using SUPRA lock boxes etc.; there is a plethora of questions that need answers. As your association, we are here to help in any way we can and if we don’t have the answer, we can direct you to the correct expert. In the meantime, below are a few of the most frequently asked questions and things you need to know.

What are the associations operating hours?

The Inland Gateway Association is open Monday-Friday from 8 am-5 pm

What size are the posts sold in the store and what size signs do they accommodate?

52”curved stake: accommodates 18” x 24” sign

64” curved stake & 64” T-post stake: accommodates 18” x 24” sign

72” Yard Post: accommodates 18” x 24” sign

72” Yard Post with extended arm: accommodates 36” x 48” sign

What is the difference between exclusion forms?

There are two forms that can be used to exclude a listing form the MLS. The first is the SELM form.

 With the CAR SELM your listing may be excluded from MLS. However, the days on market will not be modified. The days will be counted beginning from the date that is on the original contract.

With the MLS Exclude Listing Form the listing is excluded from the MLS and the days on market begin when the listing is posted. Both forms must be submitted directly to the MLS at

What is the difference between pending and active under contract?

A “Pending” status indicates a pending purchase contract, meaning that an offer has been accepted.

An “Active Under Contract” status indicates that an offer has been accepted, but back up offers are also being accepted.

When is the Brokers Open?

Our Broker’s Open is called a Caravan and takes place immediately following our Thursday breakfast meetings. Typically at 9:20/9:30 AM. Anyone interested in participating in the caravan will need to submit a “Caravan Request Form” no later than the Wednesday before the breakfast meeting by 4 pm. The request form can be found on our website:

What happens if I get a violation from CRMLS?

If you receive a violation form CRMLS the first step in any case is to correct the violation if MLS has not already. Only if you have received a warning is no further action required. Just ensure that you understand the violation to prevent any mishaps in the future.

Should you receive a citation from CRMLS, you have 30 days to pay the fine or if you wish to contest the violation you can request a review with the Association.

If a review is requested, CRMLS will provide their proof of the violation in questions and the agent will need to complete a review form online explaining why the violation is an invalid claim. Once both sides have submitted their claim, the Grievance committee will review and decide the final verdict.

What happens if my lock box is stolen or severely damaged?

In the case of a stolen lock box, the best course of action is of course to obtain a police report. If you are leasing a lock box, the report will allow an easy transition to replace the lockbox at no charge. Without a police report there is a recovery fee that is due for the lock box. Unfortunately, if the lock box is purchased and not leased it cannot be replaced.

How do I cancel my EKEY?

Canceling an E-key is simple. All you need is to call or email the Association and let a staff member know that you would like to cancel. Without informing the association that you would like to cancel the E-key, SUPRA will continue to charge the monthly payment. Even if the card on file is expired it will affect negatively on the SUPRA account and incur missed payments.

What are the rules regarding a “Coming Soon” listing?

“Coming Soon” listing is a fantasy. You either have a contract or you do not. It is considered a marketing of the property. As long as it is active in the MLS within 2 business days or if there is an exclusion form filed there is no issue. However, if there is marketing for coming soon and it is not in the MLS within the 2 business days it is subject to violation.

We hope these help a few of you when it comes to conducting your business and if there are ever any questions that need answering just give The Inland Gateway a call and we will be happy to help.

By Ashley Martindale – Membership Coordinator

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