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LionDesk Review – Simple and Efficient

Most of you have already noticed the LionDesk option when logging in to your CRMLS account. You may ask, what exactly is it? LionDesk is a new customer relationship management (CRM) tool created just for REALTORS®. It is a program that works on both your desktop and as a mobile app. This makes the process of managing contacts and leads seamless between the REALTOR® and the client.

LionDesk Layout

The LionDesk company commitment to help agents spend less time fumbling and more time being productive is apparent in the layout of the site alone. Upon logging in to the desktop version you are greeted with the pleasant white and blue dashboard theme. The layout is simple you are not overloaded with any kind of ads or annoying pop-ups. The vertical sidebar lists important tabs such as contacts, properties, tasks, and calendar. The site also includes what they dub as “daily vitals” which consists of a tally chart of attempted calls, texts, and emails. This daily counter is a perfect way to check your productivity day after day. Overall the presentation gets a solid thumbs up for being clean and easy to use.

LionDesk Features

With a busy day to day schedule, nobody wants to juggle multiple programs at once to maintain their business. LionDesk has a host of features such as client management, drip marketing, email reports, and many more! One of the features in the program is a calendar and task management. Forgot which client to call? Did the that one open house escape your mind? The calendar can manage this for you and send you reminders so you no longer need to fumble through external apps or notes. This feature also ties in to scheduled emails and texts, so if you don’t have the time send these emails now you can prepare them to be sent in a future campaign.  

LionDesk Social Media Integration

Social media is a crucial part of your business, and Facebook is the biggest platforms to market yourself. Facebook lead ad pages are very popular amongst local business. LionDesk is an approved Facebook CRM Partner, meaning you can create lead ad pages at no additional cost from a third party. Now the hassle of seeking out companies to create ads for you is in the past! The seamless integration of Facebook and LionDesk can greatly reduce the stress of using multiple apps, and who doesn’t want reduced stress?

LionDesk is a comprehensive new way to manage your business, and it is a welcome addition to the CRMLS line up of fantastic products. In a technology driven world filled with piles of programs to juggle, LionDesk is a breath of fresh air for those who don’t want to go through the clutter of multiple apps.   Go ahead and test it out for yourself!

Mohammad Maidin – TIGAR Membership Coordinator

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