Introducing: Glide

NEW Free Member Benefit Now Available!

Glide offers a safer, simpler online approach to disclosures.

The Inland Gateway Association of REALTORS® is happy to announce that all association members now have complimentary access to Glide.  Glide is a popular new software tool that offers a safer, more client-friendly alternative to today’s cumbersome disclosure process.  Glide allows clients and agents work together to efficiently prepare C.A.R. forms online, while delivering critical advisory information and compliance checks that reduce legal liability for agents and save hours of time on every transaction.

Register today at You will be prompted to enter association credentials for free access after the 60 day trial period expires, allowing you to start using Glide with just a few clicks!

Glide offers complimentary webinars every day at 11:00AM, providing a live demonstration, Q&A and additional examples of how to leverage the tool to reduce risk and save time.  

Get started by registering at  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Glide versus PDF forms or DocuSign?

  1. Quickly invite clients and track progress in realtime
  2. Automatically deliver advisory information prior to disclosure
  3. Automatically ensure 100% of required questions are answered
  4. Provide clients with the most user-friendly interface available
  5. Efficiently address client questions and comments
  6. Encourage full disclosure through automatic addenda and attachments
  7. Easily update or revise forms anytime

How much does Glide cost?

As a member of our Association, you will receive unlimited access to Glide for California disclosure documents 100% free of charge.  Register today at You will be prompted to enter association credentials for free access after the 60 day trial period expires, allowing you to start using Glide with just a few clicks.  

When is Glide available to me?

Glide is available for our members free of charge effective today.  

Is Glide private and secure?

Yes, Glide uses bank-level SSL encryption and complies with industry best-practices for password management and document security.  Client data is handled in accordance with the Glide Privacy Policy and Terms of Use available at  

I like to sit down with my client in person to complete disclosures.  Can I still use Glide?

Yes, absolutely.  Glide still offers your clients many benefits for in-person completion including the ability to type responses, attach files, flag questions for review and easily update responses later. Most importantly, Glide preserves a written record of all communication and preserves a timestamped record showing that disclosure advisory information was read and understood.  

What brokerage-level features are available?

Glide is currently developing several brokerage-level features, such as advanced monitoring and reporting, advanced integrations and custom forms.  These features are available to managing brokers for an additional fee. Contact or visit for more information.   

How does Glide work with zipLogix®?

Once your client has completed their disclosure forms, you will be asked to authenticate in order to link your zipLogix® and Glide accounts.  Once your accounts have been linked, completed PDF documents will be available to you both inside zipForm® and inside your Glide account.  You will only need to link your account one time, making it quick and easy to get completed disclosure documents into your zipForm® account.  

What forms are available through Glide?

Glide currently supports the following association forms:

  • Buyer’s Affidavit (FIRPTA Compliance) – Form AB
  • Seller’s Affidavit of Nonforeign Status and/or California Withholding Exemption – Form AS
  • Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure – Form AVID
  • Buyer’s Inspection Elections – Form BIE
  • Exempt Seller Disclosure – Form ESD
  • Seller Property Questionnaire – Form SPQ
  • Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards Disclosure= FLD
  • Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement – Form TDS
  • Seller Vacant Land Questionnaire – Form VLQ
  • Manufactured Home and Mobilehome Transfer Disclosure Statement – Form MHTDS

Additional local association and brokerage-level forms may be added in future.  Contact to request access to additional forms.  

How do I access Glide?

You can access Glide by registering at or via your CRMLS dashboard.

Is Glide available to provide me with a demo?

Glide hosts regular webinars and private demonstrations.  Contact to request more information.  

Who do I contact when I need help?

You can email Glide support at  

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