Educate Yourselves

As August comes around, the spirit of education and the excitement to learn surrounds us. It is the start of school season and we are reminded of it through the abundance of school supply deals in stores and back-to-school ads. Although not all of us are current students, this time brings a sense of new beginnings and a chance to improve ourselves.

Through the educational committee we encourage others to learn more and we want all REALTORS® to go from proficient to exceptional in their field of work. As REALTORS®, it is important to keep up with the latest information that is available to help serve our clients the best we possibly can. After being in this profession for a long period of time, we can sometimes lose our attention to detail which can lead us into trouble. That is why it is vital to refresh our brains and an easy way to do that is by visiting where you can find courses, meetings, marketing tools and much more.

Utilizing the resources available to you allow you to stay updated and perform to the best of your ability. Education allows us to better serve our clients and stay out of law suits. It is a known fact that sometimes our lives can get hectic and our schedules so busy that it is easy to put off learning and educating ourselves, but we must find the time and motivation to further our knowledge. One factor that can get in the way of our education is the cost and that’s why we offer TIGAR Education Scholarships with awards up to $200. Our careers are more important than the excuses we make for ourselves.

Liliana Moreno

Education Committee